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Ehuse – A new way of finding your perfect holiday home

Ehuse – Vacation Home Rental with Passion and Personality

Ehuse vacation home rental emerged as a counterpoint to the trend of consolidation seen in the vacation home industry in recent years. From being small privately owned agencies, it has evolved into large corporations where, as a holiday guest or vacation home owner, one might easily feel like just a number. The generational shifts in family-run agencies have turned into acquisitions and mergers.

We want to return to the old virtues, where presence and personal contact are paramount. For us, it's more of a lifestyle than a job. We thrive on human relationships, and our goal is to provide you with a world-class experience. At the same time, we maintain a professional setup.

We call it - old wine in new bottles.

A full-service agency where we facilitate the rental of private vacation homes without landlords having to pay exorbitant fees, with a "reasonable Jutlandic" approach to what landlords should pay to rent out their summer homes.

This means that as a holiday guest, you can vacation and rent a summer home in Denmark at highly competitive prices.

At Ehuse, you'll find a wide range of different summer homes and vacation apartments you can rent. We have all types, from very small and cozy summer homes and budget-friendly holiday apartments to the very large luxury houses with beautiful swimming pools and relaxing spa areas.

Our requirements for the summer homes and vacation apartments we rent out are that they should provide the framework for some good holiday memories. We aim to have something for every taste and budget, but you can be sure that every time you book a summer home with us, it is clean and ready to move into.

You can read all about how our homes for rent at Ehuse under info.

If you cannot find an available holiday homes or apartments in the period you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Holiday homes

Our holiday homes at Ehuse are very different

But they have one thing in common and that is that they give you, your family, or friends a beautiful setting for a wonderful and relaxing holiday. Take your time and enjoy the house and the local area. Go on an excursion, read a book at home, go for a walk on the beach or find a good restaurant. It's your holiday and you decide!

Since all our holiday homes are privately owned, the decor in the house will reflect the taste and style of the owners. Some holiday homeowners prefer the modern Nordic style while others find it cosy with recycled furniture and antique coffee cups. This is exactly what makes our holiday homes such a unique experience. You'll enjoy a personalized experience every time you step in the door.

Dogs are welcome!

In Denmark, a dog is often part of the family. This means (luckily) that we have many holiday homes for rent, where you are more than welcome to bring your dog with you on your holiday.

You can find the holiday homes of Ehuse where dogs are allowed in our search function. The more flexible you are with location, the more variety of holiday homes for dog owners you can choose from - and remember, new dog-friendly holiday homes are being uploaded all the time. So if you don’t find any, let us know.

Rental cottages are great for children

Renting a holiday home is a family vacation. Lazy days with time to play, long walks on the beach, catching crabs and eating ice cream. Many of our holiday homes at Ehuse are very child-friendly and include highchairs and baby cots, bicycles, and entertainment for children. We guarantee that your kids will have fun days, full of activities and fall asleep early every night, so you have time to enjoy a good glass of wine on the coach!

We will give you as much information as much as possible about the house being child-friendly in the description of the holiday house, but if you are not sure, please contact us. If there is no baby cot, the owner may be able to provide a – just ask us!

You can rent a holiday home in Denmark all year round

There was a time when holiday rentals were only made during school summer holidays. This is no longer the case!
Now you can rent a holiday apartment or a holiday home during the summer, autumn, Easter, or Christmas holiday - or whenever you want! It doesn't even have to be a whole week!

If you can't find what you're looking for in our search function, we'll always be happy to help you find the cottage or holiday apartment that suits you, all you have to do is send us your requirements regarding size, location, equipment etc. and we will make every effort to find the right vacation home for you.

We want to make sure that YOUR holiday will be an unforgettable experience and that everything in your rented home meets your requirements. Therefore, all our houses are regularly checked for quality, and we ensure that the holiday homes and apartments are well maintained.

Contact us and let us find the perfect holiday home for you!
We look forward to welcoming you to Ehuse Holiday Rentals.