Badevej 19
6950 Ringkøbing

Tlf. 2911 9040


Cottage Check in/Out

Check-in at 15:00 AM
 Check-out time is 10:00 AM at the latest

Agency opening hours

Mrs.-Tors. 10:00 - 18:00
 Fri. - Sat. 8:00 - 19:00
 Sunday closed.

Outside opening hours: contact us on Tel: + 45 2911 9040

About Ehuse

Ehuse is a brand-new vacation rental concept. ” We feel like it has become too expensive to rent out your home/ summer cottage and keep service costs down, so now we challenge the big well-known rental companies” say co-owner Bjørn Gadgaard.

” Especially when it comes to the service and maintenance part, we must do something different” he continues.

Bjørn and his brother Marc are the owners of the rental company Ehuse, which makes it easier, cheaper, and more manageable for homeowners to rent out their holiday homes.

And as a cottage rental agency, we are at your service if there is something in your home that doesn't work!

” Many holiday homeowners rent out their holiday homes all the time, but they do not have a profit or the opportunity to maintain the home. This means that the house gradually begins to look bad”.

This is where we feel that we can offer something different on the marked by providing an all-inclusive solution. It can be anything from keeping the garden and the driveway free of weeds, empty the trash or securing some damage inside the house. As a renter, it is important that the house looks exactly like the pictures so that the expectations for a great holiday are fulfilled”, Says Bjørn Gadgaard.

Marc and Bjørn Gadgaard are both from Søndervig, so it is quite natural that this is where the company's headquarters are located. They know the city and the area in and out and love the wild nature of the North Sea.

It is the plan to expand to other holiday homes throughout Denmark – we have our roots in Jutland and with our competitive prices for both renters and homeowners of holiday homes we are sure we will grow.

You are always welcome to contact us at Ehuse to hear more about what we can offer.


Best regards

Bjørn and Marc