Expense sheet on your cottage

Charges for consumption are not included in the rental price (unless stated in the contract).

When you arrive at your house or apartment, read the power meter, and write the number on the document provided with your key. The day of departure, you must read the same number again and calculate your consumption of electricity.

During the winter season we will pre-heat your house before you arrive. Electricity and heating will therefore start the day before you arrive and for houses with swimming pool, spa, and sauna, you must expect at least one extra day of electricity usage.  

Electricity and consumption charges will be deducted from your deposit and the remaining amount will be returned to you.

Water (per m3)                        8 Euro

Power (per kWh)                0,41 Euro

Gas heating (per unit)       2,50 Euro


Debit cards and bank account details

At Ehuse you can pay with credit or with debit cards safely and securely. We use an international encrypted payment service, and your credit card information is never stored at Ehuse.

We will keep your financial information to the extent required to document revenue and supporting documents in connection with the presentation of accounts.

Claims and complaints about your rental

All complaints and claims must be received while you are on holiday and present in your rental and can only be received by telephone or by personal request. Please call us on phone number +45 29 11 90 40

If the cleanliness is not good, or if there are defects in the house this must be reported immediately on the first day of renting and documented with photos.

You are obliged to give Ehuse a reasonable period of time to take care of any possible defects – especially if it is a matter of ordering a worker to fix defects in the house.

If you choose to leave the rental without informing Ehuse orally beforehand and without giving us a reasonable time to respond to the claim, Ehuse will not be liable for damages.

Collection of the key on the day of arrival

You can pick up the key for your cottage at our office or in a key box. Arrival time in your holiday home is from 15.00 hrs. on the day of arrival.

We are gradually switching to key boxes or electronic locks – this gives you much more flexibility in relation to your arrival time. Now you no longer have to go to our office and collect the key within business hours.

If the key is in a key box, you will receive a SMS code on the day of arrival with a code to unlock. The same applies if the door itself has a code lock.

Remember to read the electricity on the power meter as the first thing when you arrive. Use the document received with the key.

Pick up of key, deposit, payment for electricity and final cleaning

You must leave the house no later than 10.00 hrs. on the day of departure. Your vacation rental must be cleaned, and you must remove waste and bottles. The final cleaning is provided as standard for all Ehuse vacation rentals.

You must hand in the key at the same location you retrieved it.

Many of our holiday homes and apartments have a key box. If you have picked up your key in the key box, the key will be placed in the same place when you travel and close with the same code.

The document for reporting electricity consumption when you retrieved the key, you will need now. You read the electricity consumption when you arrived and now you have to do it again so we can calculate the consumption during your stay.

The electricity you have used during your stay, will be deducted from your deposit and we will return the rest of your deposit to your account or credit card.

Bank details

Ringkjøbing Landbobank
Reg. No. 7670,
Account no. 3692451

Swift: RINGDK22